A little about Lori:

Lori Reisenbichler has always loved a good story, but she did a lot of other things before she got serious about writing. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University and has told stories onstage at The Moth and and the Dallas-based storytelling series, Oral Fixation. Her debut novel, Eight Minutes, will be available in February 2015. 

Lori was born in Moore, Oklahoma and grew up near Kansas City, Missouri. She now lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband. Thankfully, their three grown children live close enough to enjoy, and are grown enough that she has time to sit in coffee shops and make things up.  She's hard at work on her second novel.

When she's not writing, she throws dinner parties and  cheers way too loudly at sporting events.  What on earth is she holding, you ask? Tin cans filled with nuts and bolts. Playoff cans. 





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